The Eve Before NYS Yoga Festival

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On the evening before the NYS yoga festival, I have so many feels. And as usual I’m so glad I carved out a couple of hours to get my own yoga class in.

When in doubt, go to yoga!

Most of my fans & followers know that I launched this business on April 19, 2018. YES! Just 7 weeks ago!! I was full of nerves before hitting that “go live” button on my website, but I took some deep breaths, shed a few tears & with my biggest fans (husband & 3 kids) by my side saying “do it!” I went live! Currently the only place you can purchase Orange Sky Leggings is directly through me or my website If you are reading this as a retailer interested in wholesale possibilities please reach out through the contact page. Additionally if you’re part of a team or would like to talk about exclusive designs or custom colors, don’t hesitate I’m tremendously energized by things we can do when we come together as a community.  I have a wonderful manufacturer here in the USA, aside from that every element of service from concept to execution is currently handled by me personally. Tomorrow will be my first face to face event and it feels a lot like the day that I launched my site which resembles the feelings one might experience the night before Christmas, as you’re preparing for your wedding day or an exciting vacation! I want everything to be just so!! I’ve poured my heart & soul into creating beautiful, unique designs that stand out amongst the crowds. Whether you’re on your mat at home, in the studio or choosing to wear these pants for a race, I truly hope you find joy wearing the colors, being bright, bold & unique. I personally find that wearing them energizes my own yoga practice. I’m hearing from others that they have similar experiences  - they’re so fun to wear! And who doesn’t need a little extra fun in their life?

Tomorrow at the yoga festival, I hope you’ll stop by at our Sponsor tent, get to know us a little better, add your name to our contacts, take a selfie, tag @orangeskycreations, try & buy some pants!  We will be holding raffles throughout the day!! When you purchase from Orange Sky Creations know that you’re not only supporting a local, female owned & operated business, you’re also contributing to inspiring non-profit organizations that support Yoga & the Arts as we are donating a portion of every purchase to charitable efforts. You won’t need to worry about carrying anything extra around with you when you purchase from us at the festival as all pants are made on demand & shipped directly to your home. All sizes will be available to try on & most designs will be available to view in person, allowing you to purchase with confidence! Bonus! Free shipping & 10% off when you place your order in person during the NYS Yoga Festival!!

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! One year ago the concept for this expansion of my art business did not exist, follow along to see where we can take this!

Gretchen, Artist & Founder

Orange Sky Creations, LLC Founded 2018

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