Holding Hope ~ Savasana Eye Pillow
Holding Hope ~ Savasana Eye Pillow
Holding Hope ~ Savasana Eye Pillow
Holding Hope ~ Savasana Eye Pillow

Holding Hope ~ Savasana Eye Pillow

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For the Ultimate Savasana Experience!

Savasana Eye Pillow ~ Double Layer, Handmade
Size: ~ 3 1/2" x 7 3/4"

At Orange Sky Creations we create double layered eye pillows which allow you to wash the outer pillow case for hygiene while keeping the inner pillow dry.

Outer Pillow Case: 100% Cotton Orange Sky Creations Fabric with Eco-Friendly Printing Process (the print on the fabric originates as a pastel drawing created by Orange Sky founder, Gretchen Lee Carletta). Polyester Blend on one surface. We use a soft blended fabric & recommend that be the surface that touches your skin.

Inner Pillow: 100% Unbleached Muslin filled with Dry Beans.
All fabrics are pre-washed & ready to use.
Benefits of using an eye pillow:

  • Shields the eyes from light and visual stimulus. Covering the eyes blocks out glaring light, and blocks any visual stimulus that may keep your mind racing.
  • Relieves tension and eye strain.  Most people think the an eye pillow is just to block out the light, but the light weight of the lentil beans ensures the perfect amount of acupressure to release tension from the forehead, cheekbones, temples, neck and even the shoulders. Some yoga scholars also claim that the light pressure on the eyes sends a neurological signal to the brain that facilitates  whole body relaxation.
  • Calms and rests the mind.

Eye Pillows are made in small batches. Sizes may vary slightly due to being hand made by a human. Pattern of image on each pillow varies due to the abstract nature of the printing to fabrics. Handmade with Love in Hamlin, NY, USA.

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