Namaste in Rochester!

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New to the Benefit Collection:

In the last several months I have been deeply inspired to create by Yoga 4 a Good Hood, the TedX talk given by founder of the project, Imani Olear & her amazing Podcast: H.O.O.D. Tales - Healing ourselves through Oms & Downward Dogs...

You can learn all about Y4AGH on their website, by listening to the podcast and attending their donation based group yoga classes in Rochester, NY.

When I first launched Orange Sky Creations in April 2018, Yoga 4 a Good Hood was on my radar as a local non-profit organization that aligns with our mission, however I had not yet attended class at the project, nor had I ever met the shining soul of the projects founder Imani. I had been wanting to attend a class with Imani for many years at the studio she was teaching at, yet it was a challenge for our schedules to align. Even though Imani has been a customer or Orange Sky Creations, my first person to person encounter with her occurred while I was attending the TedX talk at U of R this past spring. I was running a tad late, not knowing where I was going somehow to my surprise I landed myself backstage face to face with none-other than Imani herself! She took my hand & we shared a brief moment of energy as she kindly directed my frazzled self to the audience entrance. I listened intently, took notes & soaked in all of the good vibes of this inspiring event.

Soon after, I aligned my schedule with Imani's and was finally able to take class with her at the project. I have also now taken classes with a few of the Y4AGH trained Yoga teachers at Y4AGH & other area studios. Each experience has been inspiring & unique. I love the diversity & open door of this community. Everyone is truly welcome. If you are curious, I highly recommend taking class & listening to the podcast. With this in my heart & in my mind, I am ready to share that I have just launched a hand full of new designs that are inspired by & dedicated to Yoga 4 A Good Hood. A portion of every purchase dedicated to Y4AGH will be donated to this local, inspiring non-profit organization.

The first Four designs dedicated to Y4AGH are:

As with all Orange Sky Creations designs, these leggings are pieces of wearable ART. Each design originated as an abstract pastel drawing created here in the Rochester area. Like the leggings, when the original ART is sold a portion of the sale will also be donated to Y4AGH. You can view the original artworks here.

Peace, Love, Yoga.





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